Thor’s wheel is on: This is how you play.

Thor’s wheel is on: This is how you play.

During the last Treasure Hunter occasion, another side occasion has entered: Thor’s wheel. On the off chance that you figure out how to get the thunder strikes, you are permitted to play this wheel with uber rewards. Could be a joker card, ultra assault, 2,500 spins, 1.5M XP, and obviously a few stunning chests. How you play this astounding wheel I tell you in this post.

What is Thor’s wheel

Thor’s wheel is a prize wheel that you can play during the Treasure Hunt occasion. This wheel replaces the daily reward wheel during the hour of this occasion. At the point when you first open the wheel, it says you can’t play. You need to procure thunder strikes tokens. For each strike, you have a chance at the wheel.

How do you get strikes

You acquire thunder strikes tokens when you complete missions in the Treasure Hunt occasion. Not with each mission sadly, but rather there are extraordinary Thunderstrike missions to play Thor’s wheel. You can perceive these missions by the thunder strike image. As the prizes are large, you’d know that getting these strikes is not excessively simple.

What would you be able to win in Thor’s wheel

Since getting thunder strikes tokens for the wheel is difficult, the prizes are enormous. What’s more, when I say large, I truly mean enormous. What about moment Mystery chests, 2,500 spins, 1.5M XP, triple ultra assault, 400% Coin Blaze, and 5b Coins without a moment’s delay. These prizes you ordinarily get for playing the game 30 days straight or getting truly far in a mission. Or on the other hand obviously when you purchase stuff. Thus, overlook that, and simply play Treasure chase. Assuming you really want a few additional spins to play on, simply remember our Coin Master Free Spins.

What are your thoughts about Thor’s wheel?

Have you played Thor’s wheel already? And what did you win? Was it worth playing this far in a Treasure hunt? Please let me know via the comments. If you have some good strategies on how to get thunder strikes, they are very welcome!

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